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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.20.16] apocalyptic thriller fantasy dystopic family

Since joining Twitter, Vincenzo Natali has been releasing a ton of art, script pages and information about both his made and unmade films. Last time he blew our minds was when he released a ton of concept art for his unmade and now defunt Neuromancer project (RIP). Yesterday, Natali dropped something of a bomb when he released concept art and stills from an animation test for his unmade adaptation of Richard Adams' classic Rabbit novel, "Watership Down".

Of course we have a great adaptation of Watership Down already in Martin Rosen's film (and wasn't there a TV show too?), but the book is so well loved and influential that it continues to have traction in the film world.

Netflix and the BBC recently announced that they would be co-producing a four-part miniseries based on the book and I can only image this spurred Natali to share a little bit about what his own would have been

About the story:
The story follows a warren of Berkshire rabbits fleeing the destruction of their home by a land developer. As they search for a safe haven, skirting danger at every turn, we become acquainted with the band and its compelling culture and mythos. Adams has crafted a touching, involving world in the dirt and scrub of the English countryside, complete with its own folk history and language (the book comes with a "lapine" glossary, a guide to rabbitese).

As much about freedom, ethics, and human nature as it is about a bunch of bunnies looking for a warm hidey-hole and some mates, Watership Down will continue to make the transition from classroom desk to bedside table for many generations to come.

Natali has been involved in a ton of projects that just didn't go for one reason or another. Neuromance, High Rise and others. as with those, I would have loved to have seen this one realized.

Recommended Release: Watership Down

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