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John Connor [Celluloid 05.18.16] post apocalyptic scifi action thriller

James Franco and Bruce Thierry Cheung are co-directing a new post-apocalyptic indie which will star Franco along with Fifth Element and Resident Evil actress Milla Jovovich. Jovovich will play playing a drug lord in a post-apocalyptic, war torn world plagued with heat and disease.

The film's story is said to "follows a young boy of noble birth who embarks on a journey through the wasteland of this future world in order to find medicine for his dying mother.

Armed with his faithful bodyguard and only a slim hope that this medicine actually exists, he must forge courageously on, facing danger and ultimately the Warlord of this world who has plans of his own as he takes control of a beautiful, life-like robot assassin."

Based on Franco's story idea, the fil was written by Thierry Cheung, Jay Davis and Jeremy Cheung.

Future World will be produced by Dark Rabbit Productions and distributed by AMBI who are slowly making a name for themselves with titles like Andron and the upcoming Noomi Rapace film Rupture.

More as it comes, folks!

Via: Deadline

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chuck (6 years ago) Reply

"Based on Franco's story idea..."
Is there anything in that synopsis that could be considered an idea? It's like he wrote out the plots of several PA classics, cut them up and pulled a Burroughs.


MichaelRAllen (6 years ago) Reply

That is one of the most poorly written synopses that I have ever read. It is like an example of how to write a run-on sentence. Also, it says next to nothing.


Michael (6 years ago) Reply

Franco exemplies all that is wrong with movies today.

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