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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 05.31.16] horror

I'm a total sucker for movies about cults, satanic rituals and pretty much anything the deals with the occult. It's a left-over soft spot from my teenage years which I just can't seem to shake and once in a while, I feel the need to scratch the itch – especially when a little movie comes along that seems to do a fairly good job of the material. Satanic could well be the scratch.

Directed by long time TV director Jeffrey G. Hunt and staring a collection of familiar faces – though I'd be hard pressed to tell you exactly where I've seen any of them beyond Steven Krueger (he is/was a regular on "The Originals") and Justin Chon (ahem - Twilight - I'll pretend I didn't just admit to that...) - Satanic follows a group of friends who, on their way to Coachella, take a side trip to LA to tour true-crime occult sites only to encounter a runaway girl who performs a strange ritual which sets them on the path to hell! Or some place equally terrifying.

It's quite obviously a low budget affair but Satanic doesn't look like a waste of time. The fact that it's not all dark and brooding or even taking itself too seriously, both problems that tend to plague low budget horror movies, are both positives in my book.

Satanic will be available in theatres and on demand, iTunes and Amazon video on July 1.

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