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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.30.16] action thriller

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On this episode of The Quietcast I talk to Paul Sloan, the writer of both the John Travolta revenge film I am Wrath and The Vigilante Diaries. Not only did he write the films, but he appears in both and even plays the lead in the latter. The dude is on a role.

Sloan will be no strange to long-time QE readers. He penned the science fiction thriller Siphon, a still unproduced screenplay that I loved and reviewed for the site. The good news, as Paul explains in the interview, is that Siphon may get made yet. He has been a great supporter of the work we do here and we have of his career, so it's a pleasure to see him getting so many films off the ground.

I am Wrath is out now everywhere, while The Vigilante Diaries hits June 24, 2016 from Anchor Bay.


Here's the trailer for The Vigilante Diaries:

Recommended Release: I am Wrath

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