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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 05.19.16] post apocalyptic scifi horror thriller

Here's some news about a film we're very excited to see movement on. Late last year we announced that French director and friend to QE Mathieu Turi had partnered with Xavier Gens (The Divide, Frontier(s)) to produce his first feature film called Hostile, a post-apocalyptic horror thriller with a great concept.

Now we're hearing out of Cannes that the film has its official cast locked in Brittany Ashworth (The Crucifixion) in the lead, Javier Botet (Crimson Peak, The Revenant) and Grégory Fitoussi (World War Z, GI:JOE).

"I feel really lucky to have such an amazing cast for HOSTILE," said Turi. "Brittany, Grégory and Javier are all incredibly talented and I just can’t wait to start work with them."

After a worldwide epidemic, most of the planet’s population is killed. Only a few thousand have survived and are struggling to find food and shelter. But they’re not alone: they must hide from mysterious creatures that hunt at night...

Juliette, a young woman whose life has taught her to handle things on her own, is the only one in her group to have the guts to go anywhere near cities to find food. But, on her way back to the camp one afternoon, she loses control as she’s driving...

She wakes up upside down, stuck in her car with a broken leg, in the middle of the desert, and... it's nighttime.

That's all for now, folks!

Incidentally, here's an old interview we did with Xavier Gens about The Divide.

Here's Turi's self-produced 2011 short film Son's of Chaos:

Recommended Release: The Divide

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Via: Variety

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