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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.08.16] post apocalyptic scifi action thriller

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Glow Productions, an animation studio with ties to Japan, Chin and the UK have released a new short called The Last Tree, which they claim is a cinematic trailer for an upcoming project.

Set in not too distant future, trees are discovered to be the most prominent source of energy. The world has since come to the bleakest age of war and military suppression.

The Last Tree follows a girl - "Theresa" - who is a member of "Preservers" which comprises a small fraction of survivors. She is being pursuit by clone troop in a deserted land because she holds an important piece of information that could determine the fate of humanity.

The short which begins with a motorcycle chase away from the robot sentinel is reminiscent of Wes Ball's RUIN, which got him the gig on The Maze Runner series.

Just for fun, here's Wes Ball's RUIN for comparison:

Recommended Release: Terminator Salvation (Director's Cut)

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