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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 06.23.16] action

You can chalk up Mechanic: Resurrection to another sequel we didn't know we wanted and though some will argue that it's completely unnecessary, in a summer that is full of mostly crummy looking big blockbusters that take themselves far too seriously, what the world really needs is a little Jason Statham kicking ass.

The sequel to the mediocre remake brings back Statham as Arthur Bishop, introduces a love interest named Gina (Jessica Alba), Tommy Lee Jones makes an appearance as does the always great Michelle Yeoh. This time around, Bishop's girlfriend is kidnapped and he has to take out a list of targets in order to get her back.

It's typical Statham action material, this time directed by Dennis Gansel, the German director of The Wave and We Are the Night (review) fame.

We'll see Mechanic: Resurrection manages to live up to the relatively low expectations when it opens on August 26.

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