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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 06.23.16] United Kingdom thriller mystery

Best known for his TV work on everything from "Black Mirror" to "Marvel's Daredevil," Welsh director Euros Lyn is making quite a splash with his debut feature The Library Suicides which recently had its world premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Based on the best selling mystery novel of the same title and adapted by the book's multi-talented writer Fflur Dafydd, the movie stars Catrin Stewart as Ana & Nan, twin sisters and librarians at the National Library of Wales. The pair find themselves lost when their famous mother dies of an apparent suicide. Convinced that their mother's death was actually perpetrated by her biographer Eben, the pair set off on avenging her death.

I watched the trailer twice and still had a lot of questions about what was going on and more importantly, I'm actually curious to find out how this plays out which, in the case of a mystery, is a great thing. Hopefully the movie delivers satisfying answers.

The Library Suicides opens in the UK on August 5.

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