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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.22.16] Canada post apocalyptic apocalyptic cyberpunk scifi horror animation thriller

In the tradition of Heavy Metal comes an all new animated sci-fi fable, painstakingly hand-animated over four years by Canadian Nick DiLiberto.

Below you'll find two trailers for this simply awesome work. I can't wait to see the whole thing.

About the Film:
An eye-popping animated sci-fi fable in the tradition of Moebius and Miyazaki, painstakingly hand-animated by independent Canadian animator Nick DiLiberto over four years. Despite spinning a familiar yarn that features a reluctant hero combating an evil subterranean mad-scientist (perfectly named Doctor Mind Skull), DiLiberto peppers every frame with wonderfully eclectic details that teases a much larger canvas as he catapults the audience from set-piece to set-piece with an aesthetic sensibility that feels both nostalgic and fresh.

Though the film is due to be remastered by Toronto animation studio HOUSE OF COOL, WHAT THE FILM FEST audiences will have a rare chance to see the unvarnished work-in-progress cut, complete with its lo-fi sound design, endearingly vocalized a cappella by the animator himself in lieu of library effects or traditional foley. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to be among the first to see a future cult classic. (via: Peter Kuplowsky)

Nova Seed is screening on July 2nd at The WTFilm Festival in Toronto Canada if you're in the area.

Recommended Release: Heavy Metal

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