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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 06.10.16] horror

The release of the Eli Roth produced, Jon Watts (of Cop Car fame) directed Clown is close at hand and we've got a new clip from the movie to tide us over until then.

The movie revives the evil clown story, this time introducing a father who puts on a clown suit he finds in the attic when the clown the family hired for their kid's birthday party doesn't show up. What daddy doesn't realize until its too late is that the suit is haunted (or something) and slowly he begins to turn into a monster.

This first clip features Andy Powers as the father/clown shortly after the birthday party, as he tries to remove the clown nose with some help from his loving wife. I like the sense of humour in the clip; hopefully that's present throughout the movie.

Clown opens theatrically and is available on VOD June 17.

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