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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 06.01.16] scifi fantasy

Last week the trailer premiered for The Space Between Us, a space romance about a boy played by Asa Butterfield who returns to earth from Mars to find his heart is not strong enough to deal with love. If this makes you want to gag, perhaps you'll like this version of The Space Between Us, which is about a researcher who becomes enchanted by the fate of a merman.

Directed and written by Marc S. Nollkaemper, I think you'll agree this project sounds and looks a bit more interesting... out there anyway.

Juliette, the last remaining cleaner from the Beacon Gill Research Centre, meets Adam at night. He is a merman with the most suitable gills to save humanity. Adam enchants Juliette with his singing. She faces a dilemma: does Adam have to die for the sins of humanity?

It's hard not to think of James Cameroon's Avatar looking at the gallery and trailer below, but I'm still curious to see this full short.

The concept art in the gallery below is by artists Didier Konings.

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b-rad (3 years ago) Reply

Cool story. Now where can I watch it?

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