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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 07.08.16] United Kingdom post apocalyptic apocalyptic scifi animation

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In a post-apocalyptic Scotland, where machines have taken over the cities and mankind has retreated to the forests, a young woman named Fia is on the hunt. While stalking rabbits, she encounters a Drone with one primary function: to seek and destroy humans. How she turns the tables will make you smile.

The short animated film is inspired by traditional Celtic culture. It was completed as a student film at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, Scotland.

Drone was created by Connie White, Vicky Stephen, Magda Radoch and Stephen McAdam.

Music: 'Luaidh' by Niteworks

Recommended Release: Oblivion

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zombieja (4 years ago) Reply

Cool animated film...especially for a student project. My one main criticism is the music. Complete and total disconnect with the action in the film. It felt like someone was just playing a random song while the movie was muted.


Christopher (4 years ago) Reply

Yeah, I agree I don't think it works but I get it conceptually. Ties in with the Celtic aspect.


Lotus Eater (4 years ago) Reply


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