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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.28.16] action thriller

Zhang Yimou is back in a very big way. The director of Raise the Red Lantern, Hero and House of Flying Daggers among many others, is taking on his second biggest project to date (pretty sure nothing will beat the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Olympics): a good old monster movie called The Great Wall. Starring none other than Jason Bourne. Because... who better to protect China from a monster?

Yeah, that's right. Matt Damon is top billing in what is being toted as the most expensive Chinese movie ever made (estimated budget is somewhere between $135 and $160 million).

Even as I roll my eyes at the whitewashing, I must admit I am curious to see how this pans out – especially since the crew behind this aren't exactly amateurs. The script is co-written by the great Tony Gilroy from an original idea from Max Brooks and Yimou re-worked some of the script to ensure the Chinese elements remained authentic. That's something.

The story is pretty simple and also rather ingenious: the Great Wall was built go keep a monster out of China and this is the telling of the great battle.

Alongside Damon, the movie also stars an international cast including Willem Dafoe, "Game of Thrones" star Pedro Pascal and Andy Lau.

The Great Wall opens February 17, 2017.

Recommended Release: House of Flying Daggers

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donc48 (6 years ago) Reply

A big lizard movie count me in.

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