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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.03.16] Canada horror

Leave it to a movie to introduce you to a concept you'd never heard of. In this case, the idea of "vanishing twin" which is the layman's term for what happens when one twin dies in utero and is then partially or completely absorbed by the other baby. This idea is at the centre of Cody Calahan's new horror movie Let Her Out.

Relative newcomer Alanna LeVierge stars as Helen, a bike courier who has a fairly serious accident. As she recovers, she begins to experience semi-regular blackouts which are believed to be the result of a malignant tumor which doctors believe to be the remnants of her vanishing twin. As you may have now guessed, the vanished twin is evil, is taking over during Helen's blackout moments and slowly trying to bury the "real" Helen.

Calahan really impressed me with his debut feature Antisocial (review) and since its release in three years ago he and co-producer Chad Archibald have released a string of solid horror movies and this one looks promising.

Let her Out will have its world premiere at Frightfest on August 25, 2016.

Recommended Release: Antisocial

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