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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.25.16] Canada scifi dystopic

Here's something that plays into the current obsession with technology: Darwin.

Directed by Benjamin Duffield, a long-time TV and movie editor who occasionally dabbles as a director, Darwin is Duffield's first feature in a number of years and it looks rather fantastic.

The movie stars Nick Krause as Darwin, a young man living in a dystopian society where the outside world has been destroyed. Darwin spends his days in front of a computer screen playing games and dreaming about girls but when his living space encounters a malfunction that leaves him without food or water, he ventures outside where he discovers a perfectly healthy world. He's obviously being lied to but to what end?

What I love most of the trailer is just how retro it feels. From the computer graphics on Darwin's screen to the clothes he wears which are reminiscent of 80s sci-fi (all I can think of are the Dune stillsuits) and even the trailer voice over comes across as something from another time. I'm really digging the aesthetic here, particularly because the retroness doesn't feel heavy handed.

Darwin is currently making the festival rounds and will play the Vancouver International Film Festival as part of the Canadian Images program.

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Genius (5 years ago) Reply

That looks fantastic!

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