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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 08.09.16] horror

Easily one of my most anticipated horror films in the coming year is The Belko Experiment, written by James Gunn (Guardians of the Galaxy, Slither) and directed by Greg McLaean (Wolf Creek). The film concerns the employees of Belko Industries who are are one day ordered to kill each other or be killed themselves.

The film has been described by McLean as being "insanely violent and genious because of it" by McLean and I believe it.

On what appears to be a normal day at Belko Industries, Belko employees are horrified when they find out that they’ve become guinea pigs in a company-wide experiment which will lead them to either kill their fellow employees or be murdered themselves. The experiment is masterminded by a mysterious voice which is controlling the loud speaker and instructing the employees to slaughter each other by any means necessary.

The Belko Experiment was just announced as premiering at TIFF's Midnight Madness this year.

The cast of amazing character actors includes TJohn Gallagher Jr. (10 Cloverfield Lane), ony Goldwyn, Adria Arjona (True Detective), John C. McGinley (Scrubs), Sean Gunn (Super), David Dalmastian, Michael Rooker (Slither,The Walking Dead) and many others.

Recommended Release: Mean Guns

Via: Bloody Disgusting

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