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Like many outside Sweden, I first saw Joel Kinnaman sometime in 2010 when Easy Money made its way across the international waters into North America. In it, Kinnaman plays JW, a good kid attending an elite school who finds himself bending the law to fit in with the right crowd. It was a great performance that spanned over three movies but by the time the third came around, Kinnaman was already a known commodity with a couple of North American movies under his belt not to mention an award worthy turn as Stephen Holder in "The Killing."

Kinnaman's star continues to rise. He's worked with some of the most sought after talents both behind and in front of the camera and while those choices have landed him some pretty big projects, the actor still makes time for smaller productions. Enter Edge of Winter. Shot in the bitter cold of Ontario for a modest budget, Rob Connolly's feature film debut features an excellent set of performances led by Kinnaman as a father pushed to the edge.

I had a chance to speak with Kinnaman earlier this week and we talked about his attraction to the role, his penchant for playing damaged characters and we finished with a short discussion on his upcoming Netflix project "Altered Carbon."

Edge of Winter opens today.

Recommended Release: The Killing

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