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The complaint that trailers generally reveal too much about a movie is a valid one and it seems with horror movies, that complaint is true more often than not. The first trailer for The Disappointments Room is a great example of a well cut trailer, offering up a great premise, a couple of different character motivations as to why what's happening is happening and then ending just before anything important is revealed.

Fingers crossed the movie is half this interesting.

Written by Wentworth Miller whose screenplay debut was none other than the extraordinary Stoker (review), The Disappointments Room stars Kate Beckinsale as Dana, a woman who moves into a new home with her husband and young son. Things start to go wrong when Dana hears noises coming from the attic and becomes obsessed with a room that doesn't appear on the plans to the house. What's behind the door?

I have a deep love for Stoker but a large part of that appreciation comes from director Chan-wook Park's vision and the incredible performances from the three leads and though I don't doubt Beckinsale can deliver, I'm a little more concerned about director D.J. Caruso who tends to paint in broad strokes. I'm actually a rather big fan of Disturbia and am excited for xXx: Return of Xander Cage next year, but I'm just not sure about this one.

My one hope is that this isn't a haunted house movie with a creepy kid. I'm definitely curious, mostly because of Miller's script, but mostly cautiously optimistic.

The Disappointments Room opens September 9.

Recommended Release: Stoker

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