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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 09.14.16] Canada thriller

I love a good country thriller and it's been some time since I’ve seen a really great one (though as I understand it there's been at least one this year) but the first clip from Nathan Morlando's Mean Dreams definitely suggested some good things to come from the film and from the looks of this newly minted trailer, we're in for a great ride.

Bill Paxton is always great but more often than not he's channelling the smartass. Not here. In Mean Dreams he looks absolutely terrifying as Wayne Caraway, a police officer involved in some shady dealing with some very bad people. His daughter (up-and-comer Sophie Nelisse) and her boyfriend (relative newcomer Josh Wigins) steal some cash from him as a way of escaping the small town but instead find themselves being chased through the backwoods with Caraway, the Chief (the great character actor Colm Feore also playing a bad guy) and who knows who else chasing after them.

Mean Dreams is scheduled to open in Canada later this year.

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zombieja (5 years ago) Reply

Looks great, and I look forward to seeing it, but seriously...WTF is with trailers these days? They reveal waaaaay too much. Horrible trend. I guess I really do need to just stop watching them. Sigh.

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