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John Connor [Celluloid 10.17.16] scifi horror thriller

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Long time QE readers will already know our love of scrappy, indie sci-fi runs deep, for better or worse. I've certainly taken my lumps from readers for championing films like Mutant Chronicles (which I maintain is wildly original and entertaining) in the past and while Kill Command easily slots into similar territory it takes less chances than some of more adventurous recent failures I've loved.

The plot of Kill Command seems inspired in equal parts by Aliens, Dog Soldiers and, perhaps, The Terminator. In the film, an elite squad is sent on a seemingly routine training mission to an out of the way island. A female android accompanies the soldiers to investigate some strange goings on in a company's robotic product line.

Cue sentient robot rampage.

While the majority of the film's cast of soldiers is nearly indistinguishable, UK actress Vanessa Kirby does an admirable job carrying the weight of the film. She handles herself admirably, even though her performance is a little flatlined at times - an issue with the overall direction and not with her.

I enjoyed Kill Command for its ambition and for its robot designs and visual FX work, which blends in-camera practical fx and CGI in effective ways. Ultimately however, the film is a mixed bag affair that ranges from hugely impressive and intriguing, to feeling low-end and sometimes listless in the narrative.

Kill Command is definitely worth a look if you're a fan of indie sci-fi. It's already popped up on some platforms (like Hoopla Digital in Canada if you have a library card), but there is no region 1 release on the books yet.

Recommended Release: Kill Command (region 2)

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