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Legendary has released a second trailer for their upcoming Chinese war epic, The Great Wall, which tells the story of an elite force making a valiant stand for humanity on the world’s most iconic structure.

Starring Matt Damon and directed by one of the most breathtaking visual stylists of our time, Zhang Yimou (Hero, House of Flying Daggers), The first English-language production for Yimou is the largest film ever shot entirely in China.

The Great Wall also stars Jing Tian, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe and Andy Lau.

The film sees release in February.

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MrSatyre (5 years ago) Reply

Oh, my white brothers, what were you thinking? You look silly and sound even sillier with your stilted speech. Y'all sound like preschoolers learning to read! Don't you know that people of every race, color and creed have never spoken like that? They speak as fast as the words can tumble from between their yellow teeth, contractions included.


Lenny (5 years ago) Reply

Oh I didn't know this was a Zhang Yimou film! My butt is officially in the seat!


chocobee (5 years ago) Reply

Far East: World War Z


Michael (5 years ago) Reply

MrSatyre = clown.

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