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John Connor [Celluloid 10.13.16] scifi

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People love making video essays about Ridley Scott's Blade Runner and here's the latest, called Tron's Blade Runner Legacy. In the video, the creator draws attention to a number of similarities and homages that Tron Legacy pays to Blade Runner.

While not all that surprising or revelatory, it is interesting to note how Blade Runner still remains so important in film language today.

From the creator:
Tron Legacy is a spectacular film, filled with stunning production design and music. This video looks at some similarities between it and 1982's Blade Runner.

Some of these seem like direct quotes / homages, whereas some others are a little more ambiguous.
If anything, it goes to further demonstrate just how ahead of its time Blade Runner was, and its continued influence on the language of cinematic science fiction.

Recommended Release: Blade Runner 2 (Novel)

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