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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.10.16] thriller

Earlier this year we spoke with Brazilian director Alfonso Poyart about the North American release of his great crime drama Two Rabbits. During that chat, Poyart also spoke candidly about his first foray into Hollywood and the making of Solace, a thriller starring Anthony Hopkins, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Colin Farrell and Abbie Cornish.

Morgan and Cornish star as police detectives on the hunt for a serial killer (Farrell). At a loss, the pair employ the help of a psychic, played by Hopkins, to help hunt the killer.

Solace played widely in various territories last year, even playing at TIFF, and it's finally seeing the light of day to most in North America.

The general consensus is that the story itself is a bit laughable but that the movie is compelling – something I'm not much surprised by given the quality of the talent in front of the camera and Poyart's talent. I've been surprised by these small thrillers before (most notably Red Lights) and I'm curious to see how this one pans out.

Solace opens in limited release and is available on VOD December 16.

Recommended Release: Red Lights

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