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quietearth [Celluloid 11.13.16] cyberpunk scifi action thriller

I'm excited.

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Genius (5 years ago) Reply

Looks good Like that Depeche Mode mix but it fails like other mixes by missing the sounds in the bass, to many mids as percussion which makes it sound poppy and not Industrial(well not my way of doing things) Doesn't fit the Ghost in Shell Sound.

In Fact all the music in that Trailer does not fit the Ghost in the Shell Sound. No Ethnic Voices on top of Industrial percussion and patterns or even just Ethnic Style singing on top of Drums.

Wait for a second Trailer.

The trailer looks good. But it' not really showing off the world.

Look forward to it! After all the other Cyber Punk Movie that Nihei was doing art for didn't pan out.

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