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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 12.15.16] Russia scifi action thriller

Earlier this year we had our first look at Attraction, the latest epic scale sci-fi movie from Fedor Bondarchuk of Inhabited Island fame.

It's big and glossy and chalk full of spectacular visual effects and all in all, Attraction looks pretty much like any other alien invasion movie except for the simple fact that it's produced in Russia and likely made for a whole lot less money. I can only assume Hollywood is just a tiny bit concerned...

As for what it's about? Exactly what it looks like: it's an alien invasion movie which just happens to unfold in Moscow. And it looks like it could be pretty damned good too.

Attraction opens in Russia and China on January 26.

Recommended Release: Inhabited Island

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Merzmensch kosmopol (5 years ago) Reply

Interestingly, Притяжение means rather "Gravity". One can surely translate it also as "Attraction", but perhaps because of existing "Gravity" titled movie they used another translation, which makes perhaps the whole experience superficial (attraction as entertainment instead of scientific term "gravity")

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