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John Connor [Celluloid 01.13.17] horror comedy

Indican Pictures have given us the first look at their new trailer and key art for Massacre on Aisle 12, a horror comedy from directors Jim Klock and William Mark McCullough.

The film, which was a big hit at festivals last year, stars Michael Buonomo, Chad Ridgely, Melissa Saint-Armand, Jim Klock, Aikido Burgess, Mike Capozzi, Doug Burch and Amber Jean.

The discovery of a dead body and a duffel bag full of cash in a hardware store on Christmas Eve drives a crew of screwball employees to the point of mental breakdown and murder.

Dave’s first night on the job is hilariously turned upside down as his coworkers drop like flies around him and the shady staff schemes for easy money. But who done it? Who’s the killer? Everyone is suspect and only time will tell in this every man for himself horror/comedy mystery who-dunnit!

Watch for Massacre on Aisle 12 in theatres later January, 2017.

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Dale (4 years ago) Reply

Looks awesome n funny!


ajvia (4 years ago) Reply

I wrote this! It looks freaking funny, huh? A fun mix of black comedy, bloody horror and suspenseful chaos. Think CLERKS meets CLUE on acid. Enjoy!

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