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One of the highlights of last year's festival film viewing was watching The Girl with All the Gifts stunning a sold out audience. The post-screening reaction was one of incredulity and chief among the things everyone seemed to agree on, besides the fact that this is by far the best zombie anything in some time, was that the movie's young starlet Sennia Nanua is down-right amazing.

Based on Mike Carey's best selling novel and directed by Colm McCarthy who has a long running resume of TV credits including a large number of genre offerings, Nanua stars as Melanie, a child infected with a virus that, at the smell of human blood, turns her into a zombie. The thing is, she's a sort of "next step" in the evolution of the zombie and Glenn Close plays a doctor who is trying to find a cure while Gemma Arterton is a teacher who takes a liking to the little girl. The movie also stars Paddy Considine as a military officer who finds himself minding the trio after a narrow escape from a zombie horde.

We saw a trailer for the movie late last year prior to its release in the UK but with a US release in the near future, a newly minted trailer is making the rounds and it's just as good as the first.

Around these parts, we're very big fans of the movie with a very positive review out of Fantastic Fest and it made our list of best titles of 2016 so yes, we recommend you check it out.

The Girl with All the Gifts will be available on DirectTV on January 26 before its theatrical and VOD release on February 24.

Recommended Release: The Girl With all the Gifts

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