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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 02.08.17] horror mystery

Writer/director Trey Edward Shults blew my socks off last year with Krisha. The intimate drama benefited from a spectacular performance from Krisha Fairchild in the titular role but Shults' approach to the storytelling - the movie features Krisha spending the holidays with family she hasn't seen or talked to in years, including her son - made for a movie that plays more like a really taught thriller than a family drama. With his follow-up, Shults has moved squarely into horror territory.

It Comes at Night is a far bigger production than Krisha both in scope and cast. This time around Shults is working with the talents of Joel Edgerton, Riley Keough ("The Girlfriend Experience"), Christopher Abbott (A Most Violent Year, James White) and Carmen Ejogo ("The Girlfriend Experience") in a movie about "a father protecting his family against an unnatural threat that's terrorizing the world. Their lifestyle is shaken by the arrival of a desperate young family seeking refuge in their home, which leads to an awakening of something monstrous within him."

The first teaser is a mystery; a mix of images, sounds and music that builds to a terrifically creepy crescendo. Shults is once again working with Krisha cinematographer Drew Daniels which bodes well for It Comers at Night being an intense piece of work. This could well be the must-see horror movie of the summer.

It Comes at Night opens August 25.

Recommended Release: Krisha

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