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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.01.17] scifi horror

Colour me impressed.

Last week's prologue video really wet my appetite for the upcoming sequel Alien: Covenant and now the newly released trailer for the movie gives us even more action, more terror and a far better look at the alien.

Starring James Franco, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, Callie Hernandez, the new movie follows the crew of the Covenant who are on a terraforming mission, as they land on a planet, discover some wheat along with some nasty parasites. Hatching alien eggs, face-huggers and aliens themselves wreak havoc.

And what beautiful havoc they wreak. I love the music in this trailer, which I sincerely hope is a preview of Jed Kurzel's score, the horror and the goddamned alien action.

Bring. It.

Alien: Covenant opens May 19.

Recommended Release: Prometheus

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Genius (3 years ago) Reply

Davids up to no good!
and no that music cannot work for the film it creates no tension no emotion.
Kurzel can do better. It honestly just sounds like flat Trailer music even the Brams are in there.
Great Trailer! I haven't been having out on the Covenant net to much lately.


uncleB (3 years ago) Reply

Looks like Dave wiped out the entire planet.

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