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John Connor [Celluloid 03.03.17] Canada horror thriller

3Brane Entertainment and Buffalo Gal Pictures have teamed up to bring Washed Away to thriller fans. Starring Emmanuelle Vaugier (Two and a Half Men) and Cameron Bancroft (90210), the film is about a woman who tries to put her life back together after losing her husband in a kayaking accident. Mysteriously, she sees him in a San Francisco marketplace and begins a search for him and the answers he owes his family.

Directed by Jeff Beesley (Dolan’s Cadillac), Washed Away is an exciting ride through a woman’s personal journey for the truth.

Assisted by cinematographer Ken Krawczyk, the film definitely has a unique and rich look.

Washed Away is slated to show exclusively on television. DARO Film Distribution and Reel World Management will release the film in all markets, including: France, Spain, Canada and the United States. More specific release details will be announced shortly.

A trailer and some early stills have were shared with Quiet Earth.

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uncleB (5 years ago) Reply

looks like a Lifetime movie

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