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John Connor [Celluloid 07.19.17] post apocalyptic scifi thriller

Sandra Bullock is set to star in a new Netflix post-apocalyptic thriller called Bird Box directed by Danish director Susanne Bier. The film is written by Eric Heisserer of Arrival fame.

Based on a 2014 novel by Josh Malerman, Bird Box is set in the near future, where a mother (Bullock) and her two young children are among a small group of survivors after a mysterious alien force has driven the world's population to deadly violence. The three must make their way on a terrifying journey — 20 miles in a rowboat — while blindfolded, with nothing to rely on but the mother's wits and the children's trained ears.

Bird Box is looking to start production in August.

Bird Box joins Netflix's recent A-list film productions including War Machine and Will Smith's upcoming sci-fi cop pic Bright.

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MegaDude (5 years ago) Reply

I just finished the audiobook, which was only OK, but I see how this could make an interesting movie.

I'm curious to see how it will work with the characters being blindfolded most of the time.

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