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John Connor [Celluloid 08.13.17] post apocalyptic scifi horror thriller dystopic

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In many ways SUM 1 feels familiar. It takes place in a future world where the population has been forced to live underground following a mysterious and long-forgotten first attack from an aggressive alien race (here called the "nonsuch"). A militaristic and brutal human culture has emerged in the ashes, one that insists on state of constant high alert for fear of another attack.

Above ground, towering outposts litter the landscape, each home to a single soldier responsible for maintaining a vigilant watch over their perimeter during their 100 day tour of duty. This is where our story begins, with a soldier call-signed S.U.M 1 beginning day one of his tour.

SUM 1's uniqueness lies in its details and acting however. While it does feature more than one character, it's mostly a showcase for actor Iwan Rheon (who played Ramsey Bolton on Game of Thrones) who's faith in the truth begins to erode as he uncovers details about the last tour of duty in his station. Rheon is more than up for the task, slowly letting humanity and madness reveal themselves through his stark military exterior.

There is some action in the film, but SUM 1 is definitely more about atmosphere and mystery than sci-fi action.

Though the film is German it is English language. It is produced by Pandorum's Christian Alvart and only carries a budget of $1 million, which considering, they managed to build a convincing world with some great production design and cinematography. It was written and directed by Christian Pasquariello.

There is no domestic release date for SUM 1.

Recommended Release: Pandorum

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