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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 08.30.17] scifi thriller

Denis Villeneuve's hotly anticipated Blade Runner: 2049 picks up 30 years after the events of Ridley Scott's original film and is tasked with telling a new story within the universe while also filling in some of the gaps of what's happened in the ensuing 30 years. To fill in some of those gaps, Villeneuve asked three filmmakers to tell three short stories, each telling a story which expands our knowledge of what transpired in the time between the two features.

The first of the three shorts is 2036: Nexus Dawn directed by Scott's son Luke Scott. The younger director is well versed in making short films in already familiar universes (see his Alien: Covenant short Prologue: Last Supper) and has even paid homage to Blade Runner in the past with Loom. Here, he officially enters the Blade Runner universe with a short film which, as the title indicates, takes place in 2036, halfway between the two films.

We see Jared Leto in character as Niander Wallace, the head of Tyrell Corporation who has dedicated his life to building better replicants including a new model called the Nexus 9 which we are introduced to in the short.

I love the concept of filling in some of the blanks with these shorts which act not only as great insight into the world we'll be entering with Villeneuve's movie but also give hardcore fans something else to obsess over while we wait for the movie.

Blade Runner: 2049 opens October 6.

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street (4 years ago) Reply

everyone all over the interwebs is gushing over how awesome this is.. but I just don't see it. feels more like a parent-teacher conference than a meeting to determine the fate of future replicants.


MrSatyre (4 years ago) Reply

^ What he said. And, not only a PTA mtg., but clearly a strong indication of where the Villeneuve film is going in terms of mood and theme. While the original was certainly no stroll through daisies and sunshine, it was not...whatever THIS is. The trailers for 2049 look very true to the original, but we all know how easily trailers can be made to lie.

Also, what's up with all these trailers recently having (for lack of a better term) "pre-trailers"? Those little two or three second clips from the trailer that follows? What the hell is that about???


frodo (4 years ago) Reply

This clip is just nepotistic pre-fapping. Even the ring on Benedict Wong's finger is a clumsy nod to the original's use of eyes. This film is going to be so full of obvious self-referential easter eggs it's going to be more cringeworthy than Covenant. Scott is a master of distraction from vacuous, poorly written stories via eye candy and pompous 'this must be good coz Ridley Scott has touched it' cinematography (via Villeneuve). False Messiah even giving his son a pop at mesmerising fans into joining this gloriously made commercial bandwagon. Not a good aign.

I love the original, but this has a feel that in 10 years' time people will wish the resources used on 2049 could have been better spent on more mature storytelling and less audience-appealing bombast and empty auto-homage 3D fapping.

Wellll, hopefully not... but I seriously doubt it.


Genius (4 years ago) Reply

I get it the only morons who reply are people that don't like Villeneuve and Sir Ridley Scott, or perhaps you are mad at him for Covenant which is an amazing Film.

either way thank god they made anything Blade Runner!


Wumpus (4 years ago) Reply

I don't find the short very interesting, but the fact it was made suggests that Villeneuve and Fancher put a fair bit of thought into their story and its back-story. That's promising.


st (4 years ago) Reply

why not just give young directors a starter capital to make what they are genuinely interested in, regardless of whatever universe is the main attraction.. and present it as a short during the theatrical run.. especially on films like these where the audience is already built. i'm a child of the 70s and 80s.. and i feel like fan's desire for expanding the "universe" is suffocating today's young talent for anything new and interesting.


Genius (4 years ago) Reply

Hollywood is a joke people. and if you think they are going to fork out money for upcoming directors you are dreaming. If there is a project and they need money the first thing they do is take over the project. This is why Oats Studio Exists. They can be as creative as they want with out the backing of suits.

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