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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 09.12.17] horror

In Adam MacDonald's (Backcountry) upcoming Peywacket, a frustrated girl attempts an occult ritual in order to kill her mother, but awakens something sinister in the woods instead.

The first trailer for the film has landed as the film premiered at TIFF this year to some great buzz. Bloody Disgusting called the film a "slow burn" that ends in "a sea of brooding tension".

For those of you unfamiliar, Pyewacket is historically one of the familiar spirits of a witch detected by the "witchfinder general" Matthew Hopkins in March 1644 in the town of Manningtree, Essex, England. Hopkins claimed he spied on the witches as they held their meeting close by his house, and heard them mention the name of a local woman.

Pyewacket stars Nicole Muñoz and Laurie Holden.

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