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Welcome to Frank Grillo day here at QE. If all goes well, we'll have a trifecta with a trailer for another of the 10 movies he has in production or ready for release. He's a busy guy!

In all seriousness, the buzz around Wheelman, the feature film debut of writer/director Jeremy Rush, has been described to me by more than one person who has seen it as an extension of the driving sequences in Drive; basically, non-stop driving action.

Grillo stars as a nameless getaway driver who gets a tip that he's been double crossed and he spends the remainder of the movie trying to figure out who sold him upriver without a paddle.

The trailer looks pretty badass, something between Baby Driver and Locke, with Grillo being the typical badass he's great at portraying and between the trailer and the good word I've heard of the movie, this is definitely one to add to your tracking list. And not to worry, you won't have long to wait to see it.

Though Wheelman has been making the festival rounds, it drops on Netflix October 20.

Recommended Release: Drive

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