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John Connor [Celluloid 10.27.17] scifi horror action cult thriller adventure video game

I never played a lot of video games when I was younger, but one of the ones I did was Konami's Contra. I played it constantly, endlessly, for hours. I loved it. It, and Bad Dudes. Does anyone remember Bad Dudes?

Anyway, video game producer Konami has announced the their 1987 run-and-guner Contra is being developed as both a live-action movie and TV drama.

According to a press release, Konami says they are looking to expand their library of IP in “multifaceted ways” - ie. transmedia.

The live-action projects are happening through a partnership with the Chinese video-production company Starlight Film, though both are set to see a worldwide release.

Contra depicts a world invaded by The Red Falcon (also known as Emperor Demon Gyaba), an alien that becomes Earth's worst enemy. He alongside the many other aliens in the game are based on H.R. Giger's Necronom IV, which is also the basis for the Xenomorphs from the Alien film series.

That's all on the project for now.

Recommended Release: Contra: Legacy of War

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