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Marianna Palka's approach to getting at how unappreciated mothers are is, to say the least, unconventional.

Her latest feature film is the dark comedy Bitch (review) in which Palka stars as Jill, a hard working mom who has a breakdown, snaps and starts acting like a dog. And I mean full on dog: named, barking, only eating dog food and her interactions with the humans in her life are basically non-existent.

While she's working through her issues, Jill's husband, played wonderfully by Jason Ritter, has to deal with the kids, his job, his girlfriend and in the process comes to realize not only how much he depends on his wife but how much he loves her.

I really enjoyed Bitch when I had a chance to see it earlier this year. It's funny, dark, poignant, and more than a little weird but humanized by some really great performances.

Recommended Release: The Bad Batch

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geoduck (4 years ago) Reply

Back in 2002, actress Heather Morgan
wrote and starred in a film with a similar premise titled "Bark!"

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