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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.06.17] action thriller

In the years since breaking away from the heartthrob roles that made him famous in the 90s and a central figure of pop culture, Ethan Hawke has been keeping himself very busy with a wide range of projects and outdoing himself in each one. From award winners (Boyhood) and Canadian indies (Maudie) to mind-bending sci-fi (Predestination) to horror (Sinister), he has become one of the most interesting and consistently great actors working today.

His latest, an action thriller titled 24 Hours to Live, isn't going to be winning any awards for creativity in either the title or plot department but Hawke is always fun to watch and if nothing else, director Brian Smrz certainly has the experience behind the camera to pull this one off.

Hawke stars as an assassin for an unnamed three letter organization which leaves him for dead. Someone else implants a device that will let him live for another 24 hours - just long enough to pull off a job and in the process, avenge the death of his family.

In addition to Hawke, 24 Hours to Live also stars Rutger Hauer and Liam Cunningham.

Though this is only his second turn at the helm of a feature, Smrz has extensive credits as a second unit director; exactly the type of experience one would want for an action heavy movie.

24 Hours to Live opens December 1.

Recommended Release: Predestination

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