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John Connor [Celluloid 11.23.17] Australia horror thriller

Director/actor Martin Copping (Zombie Hunter) has a new Australian thriller coming called The Dunes. The film's trailer is upon and it looks like tense and claustrophobic. Prolific UK producer Mem Ferda has joined Copping to bring the film to audiences.

The film is set in Australia on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, also known as "The Dunes".

The Dunes, which is also written by Copping, is a story about a renowned journalist for the LA Times, who returns to his hometown of The Dunes and while he’s there, a mysterious figure from his past re-emerges and threatens his entire existence.

The film is peppered with underlying themes of substance abuse. The director and lead actor (Copping), wrote the screenplay after the tragic loss of his own mother to Alcoholism.

Co-Producer Mem Ferda (London Heist, Pusher) said, "This film is of such importance in spreading awareness and educating
the public about the vulnerabilities of addiction. I myself lost a dear friend to addiction and feel this delicately woven story will highlight and educate about the dangers as well as entertain."

The Dunes also stars:
Tim Phillipps (Neighbours, The Secret Circle)
Jacinta Stapleton (Molly, Never Tear Us Apart)
Kate Neilson (Groomless Bride, Killer Elite)
Maria Volk (The Mule, Electric Heart)

Check out the trailer:

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