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"Miller and Max", a new book written by Luke Buckmaster, is the story of two heroes. One, a leather jacket-clad road warrior whose adventures in a dystopian future have made an indelible imprint on global popular culture. The other, the artist who created him: a softly spoken son of Greek and Turkish migrants, whose life charters a spectacular course from a tiny Queensland town to the highest echelons of Hollywood.

Written with the cooperation of Miller and a role call of cast, crew and family, Miller and Max gets behind the scenes and on set, to reveal what's really inside the man — which is more than a little Max Rockatansky.

George Miller made his first film, Mad Max in 1976 after raising $300,000 from family and friends and hiring a no-name actor, Mel Gibson. Edited in his kitchen, it would become the most profitable film ever made, a title it kept for over two decades.

If you have a PA enthusiast in the family, this wouldn't be the worst Christmas gift idea.

Recommended Release: Miller and Max

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