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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 12.19.17] drama crime

In 2015, Denis Villeneuve impressed most of us with Sicario, one of the more interesting entries into the world of cartel movies/the drug war since Traffic.

For the sequel titled Soldado, writer Tyler Sheridan, the only major creative returning for the second instalment, moves the story further into Mexico. Both Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro reprise their roles and this time, Brolin's government agent Matt Graver is given more leash to complete the task at hand and he doesn't hold back, employing Del Toro and letting him lose; "No rules this time."

One of the highlights of Sicario is that the movie is as much about the drug war as it is a personal journey for Emily Blunt's Kate Macer. Without her, this looks like just more dudes in military gear fighting each other and I'm just not as interested in that though the political implications should add an interesting dimension to the proceedings.

Italian director Stefano Sollima is taking over from Villeneuve. He comes from a background of Italian crime shows, most recently helming a number of episodes of the "Gomorrah" television series. We'll have to wait to see if his sensibility working on European TV will bring something unique to the movie.

Soldado opens June 29, 2018.

Recommended Release: Sicario

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7ape (4 years ago) Reply

Sollima has also directed a feature film called Suburra which is on netflix and very good.


Marina (4 years ago) Reply

Thanks for the heads up!!

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