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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.12.18] United Kingdom drama

Writer/director Roland Joffe hasn't exactly been slumming it since he made his debut with the one-two punch of The Killing Fields and The Mission but it's fair to say that his later work, particularly through the 90s and over the last decade, has focused on material that isn't quite as controversial but with his latest film The Forgiven, he seems to be delving back into difficult themes.

The Forgiven, which debuted at BFI last year, stars Forest Whitaker Archbishop Desmond Tutu who is summoned to a maximum security prison by a notorious murderer and racist, played by Eric Bana.

Joffe adapted the script with playright Michael Ashton from Ashton's play "The Archbishop and The Antichrist."

Yesterday it was announced that Saban Films, which has been expanding its distribution foothold over the last year, wil be releasing the movie in theatres on March 9 with a theatrical expansion and VOD release to follow on March 16.

Judging from the trailer, The Forgiven goes straight for the jugular when it comes to dealing with the issue of race and considering the current state of affairs in the world, it couldn't come at a better time.

Recommended Release: The Mission

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