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HBO has been teasing us about their upcoming made-for-tv movie Fahrenheit 451 for some time, including a teaser trailer earlier this year, and they have now unleashed a slightly longer trailer featuring Michael B. Jordan's Guy Montag prominently.

Based on Ray Bradbury's dystopian classic, the novel is being adapted and directed by Ramin Bahrani (Chop Shop, 99 Homes), and stars Jordan as the movie's protagonist Guy, a firefighter whose job is to burn books.

Along with Jordan who is currently experiencing a well earned high with the success of Black Panther, the new movie also stars Michael Shannon, The Mummy's Sofia Boutella, Laura Harrier and Lilly Singh.

This is Bahrani's first foray into sci-fi but it's also a project which deals with some deep moral questions which fall squarely into Bahrani's wheelhouse and from what we've seen so far, this is going to be dark, oppressive and depressing. Exactly what one would expect from a new adaptation.

HBO will premiere Fahrenheit 451 this spring.

Recommended Release: Fahrenheit 451

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