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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 03.07.18] comedy crime

There are a few adjectives that can be used to describe Ryan Prows' feature film debut Lowlife (review) but perhaps the most apt is nuts. The movie features a luchador playing muscle to a crazed doctor who is running a black-market organ ring, there are two hired killers (one of which has a swastika tattooed on his face), there's a pregnant woman and then a motel owner who is trying to save her husband.

All of these stories come together in Prows' movie which is a hilarious dark comedy with unexpected emotion and more than enough violence to make Robert Rodriguez chuckle with glee.

Lowlife crams a whole lot into its 90 minute running time, moving at breakneck speed from scene to scene but it never loses the audience and more than that, it manages to entertain even while being completely ludicrous. I'm still not sure how Prows and his team pulled it off but the finished product is a hell of a good time.

Lowlife will be available theatrically and on VOD April 6.

Recommended Release: From Dusk Till Dawn

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