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With a couple of recent misfires under their belt (looking at you Mute and Cloverfield Paradox), Netflix is not exactly firing on all cylinders at the moment that said, when you're making as much original content as Netflix is, you're likely to get more stinkers too. I was hesitant when it was announced that the upcoming "Lost in Space" reboot was around the corner but I must say, it looks like they may be on the right track with this one.

The show follows a family who is trapped on a distant planet and must find a way to save themselves after they lose their spaceship. The show is said to be a remake of the 1960's series but it looks like they may just have taken the basic concept and ran with it; ideally the best way to remake a series.

The series comes to us from screenwriting partners Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. The duo don't exactly have a record for great movies - their credits include Dracula Untold, The Last Witch Hunter, Gods of Egypt and Power Rangers - but this is looking better than all of those combined and if nothing else, we at least get to see the great Toby Stephens (The Machine, "Black Sails") return to TV.

In addition to Stephens, "Lost in Space" also stars Molly Parker and Parker Posey.

The new "Lost in Space" will drop on Netflix April 13.

Recommended Release: Lost in Space: The Complete Series

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Eula Breach (3 years ago) Reply

This looks totally in line with the original season one of Lost in Space - before, y'know, Batman came along and suddenly everything had to go camp. And the Chariot is back - yay!


gm (2 years ago) Reply

Terrible casting, Molly Parker coudn't play a mother to a rock.

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