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Christopher Webster [Cathode Ray Mission 04.05.18] thriller dystopic

Starring Michael B. Jordan and Michael Shannon, Fahrenheit 451 is based on Ray Bradbury’s classic novel where, in the near future, the media is an opiate, history is rewritten and “firemen” burn books.

Jordan plays Montag, a young fireman who struggles with his role as law enforcer. Battling his mentor, fire captain Beatty, played by Shannon, he forsakes his world in an effort to regain his humanity.

A new trailer for the HBO series has premiered and it looks good enough for me to be intrigued.

Sofia Boutella, Lilly Singh, Laura Harrier, Martin Donovan, Andy McQueen, Dylan Taylor, Grace Lynn Kung and Kier Dullea also star.

Fahrenheit 451 airs on HBO May 19, 2018.

Recommended Release: Fahrenheit 451 (book)

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