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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.24.18] action thriller

At some point, I'm sure movies about Nicholas Cage playing a cop will reach over saturation but we haven't quite reached that peak moment yet so for now, at least, the Nicholas-Cage-cop-movies continue to come.

The latest is 211, which is written and directed by York Shackleton and is, according to the press notes, "inspired by one of the longest and bloodiest real-life events in police history."

Cage stars as Mike Chandler, veteran officer near retirement who, along with his rookie partner, pick up a kid for a ride along. Their day is fairly routine until the cops find themselves amidst a bank robbery in progress (hence the movie's title - the police code for bank robbery) with no back-up in sight.

In addition to Cage, the movie also stars Cory Hardrict, Michael Rainey Jr., Ori Pfeffer, and notably Cage's son Weston Cage.

Shackleton has directed a wide variety of projects in the past from comedies to documentaries but this is his first all-out action movie. The highlight of the trailer is Cage looking like a disgruntled cop and yelling (of course) at everyone in sight but beyond that, I have to say the rest of this looks pretty mediocre. Here's hoping for a surprise.

211 will open theatrically and be available on VOD and Digital HD on June 8.

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