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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 04.10.18] documentary

One of my favourite movies of last year is an unlikely culprit: Mountain.

Directed by Jennifer Peedom, Mountain is a 74 minute ode to mountains, their majesty, their terror and the people who love them. Hikers, skiers, mountain bikers - there's a small glimpse of them all but mostly, Peedom's movie is a collection of video from around the world capturing the elusive appeal of mountain life.

Narrated by Willem Dafoe who reads selected passages from British mountaineer Robert Macfarlane's acclaimed memoir "Mountains of the Mind," and accompanied by a score from the Australian Chamber Orchestra, Mountain is a pensive, breathtaking documentary which completely engrossed me from the opening moments.

Though it features some amazing feats and a few moments which made me catch my breath, Mountain is more arthouse than extreme sports.

Peedom's documentary is pensive and beautiful and ultimately, a love letter to mountains.

Mountain opens theatrically on May 11.

Recommended Release: Meru

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JohnVKaravitis (1 year ago) Reply

Willem Dafoe's best work: Boondock Saints. John V. Karavitis

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