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The 90s proved to be very successful for Chris Carter and in 1996, three years into "The X-Files," Carter launched a second series: "MillenniuM."

The series starred Lance Henriksen as Frank Black, a former FBI agent with the ability to see through the eyes of serial killers and murderers. Frank was working as a consultant for a secret organization known as the Millennium Group which had some nefarious motives that didn't fully crystallize over the show's three-season run but from what I can remember, the second season did focus more on the group which seemed interested in bringing on the apocalypse.

Now, 20+ years after "MillenniuM" was cancelled, filmmaker Jason D. Morris has gone back to the show with Millennium After the Millennium, a documentary which looks back at the TV show.

Morris seems to have made contact with most of the key players of the original series including stars Lance Henriksen, Megan Gallagher and Klea Scott as well as Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz and other behind-the-camera talent.

Millennium After the Millennium is likely not the kind of documentary which is going to appeal to everyone but fans of the show, myself included, will likely be interested in this look back at an old favourite.

Millennium After the Millennium is currently making its way through the festival circuit.

Recommended Release: Millennium: The Complete Collection

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Muldfeld (4 years ago) Reply

I'd love to see this, especially for the insights from Chris Carter and other writers. Can't get enough of that. Season 1 is just near perfection.

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