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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 07.04.18] scifi action

In the world of boring movie titles, it's doesn't get any more boring than UFO but it's also a concise description of what Ryan Eslinger's new movie is about: an unidentified flying object.

Alex Sharp (a transplant from the stage who recently made a splash with To the Bone and How to Talk to Girls at Parties), stars as Derek, a bright college student who becomes obsessed with a UFO sighting at a local airport.

He refuses to believe the easy answers provided by the establishment and starts digging around, convinced that it was a UFO which also happens to have sent a message in binary code which Derek has cracked (when apparently no one else has).

Anderson plays a college professor and the movie also stars David Strathairn as a government official and Ella Purnell as Derek's confidant.

Generally, I'd write this off as fluffy b-movie but the fact that Eslinger managed to snag such a solid cast leads me to believe that maybe there's something more here than a straightforward movie about UFOs.

UFO will be available on DVD and VOD on September 4.

Recommended Release: The Signal

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John V. Karavitis (3 years ago) Reply

I have wondered, too. Haven't you? John V. Karavitis


godforsaken (3 years ago) Reply

The most boring and worst edited sci-fi trailer ever ?

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